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MyBizZone FAQ's

1)   (Q) How can MyBizZone be free?
      (A) Everybody says nothing is for free, well from my experience they are correct(except for a few exceptions). Is MyBizZone one of these exceptions? Yes it is! This is how, first MyBizZone makes money from advertisements(like almost all other websites), i will show you how to do this also. You see the more people you have going to your website the more people will click your advertisements, hence the more money you make. So is MyBizZone free for you? Oh yeah! But don't think we don't benefit from this too. So some things can be free, but very few things are (where the free offering party doesnt get some kind of benefit). We also make money from professional services, but this is an option that you don't have to use and you have no obligation to in the future.

2)   (Q) How does MyBizZone make money?
(A) Answered in the first question.

3)   (Q) What is a sub-domain?
      (A) A sub-domain is a domain name that is below another domain. An example would be

4)   (Q) Is Facebook Connect Secure?
      (A) Facebook Connect login is handled by facebook, MyBizZone never has access to your username or password. 

5)   (Q) How can MyBizZone let me sell products online for free?
      (A) Easy, it doesn't cost us anything to allow you to put products online, plus it brings more traffic to our website and the more traffic the more people click on our advertisements and the more money we will make.

6)   (Q) Where can I learn more about MyBizZone features?
      (A) Go to MyBizZone Features page.

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